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What’s Inside?

What’s Inside?

How to Save a Life              4                                        4
Supporting Young People         8
You’ve Got a Friend in Me       10                               How to Save a Life
Targeted Therapies              12
Behind the Stethoscope          14                               “to identify lung cancer earlier
Our Services                    15                               and save more people”
Gaynor Wall: I’m Still Here     16
Events Guide                    18                                      12
Lung Cancer Research            19
Volunteering Support Can        20                               Targeted Therapies
Work Both Ways
Our Heroes                      21                               “I now have another treatment
Nice Day For a White Wedding    22                               available to me”
Time for a Breath of Fresh Air  24
Orla’s Story                    25                                      25
Remembering Andrew Pailor       28
Simon Says                      30                               Orla’s Story

                                                                 “I know Richy would have loved to
                                                                 do something like this”

                                  Page 30 meets the              This magazine is written by patients and
                                  information standards          supporters to help those affected
                                  when providing patient         by lung cancer.
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