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What’s Inside

What’s Inside

Welcome                       3                                    Gareth Owen: Head up, mate!  28
Terry Kavanagh                4                                    Simon Says                   30
Lung Cancer Information Days  6                                    Thank You                    31
Happy Holidays                8
Cut Films                     10                                   FEATURES
Behind the Stethoscope        14
Global Lung Cancer Coalition  15                                   Terry Kavanagh
Lucy Zirbser: The First Step  16
44,000 Challenge              18                                   Page 4
Events Guide                  19
Nutritional Care              20                                   Happy Holidays
Remembering Gary Jones        22
Celebrate a Life              23                                                       Page 8
Wedding Shop                  24
Pat Tollady: Walk on the      26                                   Cut Films
Wirral Side
Our Heroes/Castle Collectors  27                                   Page 10

                                                                   Lucy Zirbser

                                                                                Page 16

                                   Pages 20 and 30 meet the        This magazine is written by patients and
                                   information standards when      supporters to help those affected
                                   providing patient information.  by lung cancer.

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