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Dear Patients, Carers and Supporters,    one step closer to defeating lung cancer,         reality in the UK.
                                         and all made possible by your support.
Welcome to the launch edition of                                                           We chose the magazine
our new-style magazine, Inspire.         7 new research grants and a clinical              name because our patients,
We have combined our supporter                      research fellowship have been          carers, volunteers, supporters,
and patient publications to                         funded.This research will achieve      ambassadors and staff are
create a magazine for all of you                    two objectives:                        inspirational people who make all
affected by lung cancer.                 Firstly, to make the early detection of lung      this possible.

As Chief Executive of Roy Castle         cancer become a reality, and secondly,            I cannot say ‘thank
Lung Cancer Foundation I am              improve the lives of those affected by lung       you’ enough.
immensely proud of the dedication
and achievements of those involved       400cancer.  patient grants were                   However, we are not stopping
in our work to defeat lung cancer.                   awarded to lung                       now. We still have a long way
                                                     cancer patients in                    to go, but, with your continued
                                                     need of financial help.               support, I am sure we will achieve
We hope this magazine is a fitting                                                         our vision:
tribute to those achievements.           We have also launched our UK-wide
                                         Lung Cancer Information Days and have             A world where no one
For those of you who don’t know, I       continued to build on the success of our          dies of lung cancer.
started my career with the Foundation    Lung Cancer Support Groups.
nineteen years ago, initially joining
as an assistant to our Founder and       We merged with Cut Films, a truly
President, Professor Ray Donnelly        innovative charity that will help us engage
MBE. Then I progressed to Director       with and educate young people about
of Human Resources, and finally, to my   the dangers of smoking in the most
current role which I describe as the     inspirational way. You can read more
best job in the world - Chief Executive  about Cut Films on page 10.

of this amazing Foundation.              We’ve taken a worldwide lead by working

Over the years, I have been inspired by  34within the Global Lung Cancer Coalition.
                                                              patient-led organisations
the many stories I have heard from all                        like ours, now share
our wonderful patients,supporters and                         best practice from
                                                              around the world to
volunteers. So much so that last year,                        help defeat lung cancer.

to mark our 25th anniversary, I agreed

to jump out of a plane – thankfully
with a parachute!  !
                                         We also now manage the Lung Cancer
This year I’ve passed the baton on       Clinical Reference Group which is advising        Paula Chadwick
and persuaded Professor Donnelly         our NHS partners on the delivery of first         Chief Executive
to do Strictly Ballroom. We can          class care for patients living with lung cancer.
report his jive is coming along                                                            Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation
nicely and tickets are selling fast!     Above all, we are delighted to report that
                                         lung cancer survival rates are improving,
So far, 2016 has been a busy year and I  and new therapies are now available
am delighted to share with you some      with more on the horizon. Perhaps most
of our key achievements bringing us      promising of all, is that we believe lung
                                         cancer screening is close to becoming a

                                                                                           Summer/Autumn                      3
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