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When Eileen Hewson was
                                                                                  diagnosed with late stage
                                                                                  lung cancer, she was
                                                                                  terrified – not at the
                                                                                  prospect of dying, but at
                                                                                  missing out on her trip of
                                                                                  a lifetime.

                                                                                  For fifty years, Eileen had
                                                                                  dreamt about travelling
                                                                                  to the remote kingdom
                                                                                  of Mustang in Nepal and
                                                                                  she wasn’t going to let her
                                                                                  diagnosis stop her making
                                                                                  that dream a reality.

                                                                                  “My life was travel, in India and
                                                                                  the Himalayas. I was actually in
                                                                                  Bhutan and Sikkim when I
                                                                                  noticed what was to be my
                                                                                  first symptom.

                                                                                  I had a slight cough, but did
                                                                                  not take any notice of it until
                                                                                  one night when I coughed up
                                                                                  a lot of blood. I knew I had to
                                                                                  do something, and I had to do
                                                                                  it fast.

                                                                                  I was sent for an x-ray. I knew
                                                                                  it was serious when, only
                                                                                  hours afterwards, I got a call
                                                                                  from my GP. My right lung had
                                                                                  partially collapsed, and I had a
                                                                                  ‘lung mass’ – a tumour.

                                                                                  My first reaction was shock.
                                                                                  This simply could not be true.
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