Page 6 - Inspire Magazine 2019
P. 6

As we know, smoking is the major cause of lung cancer;
       that’s why our charity campaigned so hard to support
       the introduction of a ban on smoking in public places –
       including the workplace.

       What fewer people may realise is that between 10% and
       15% of people with lung cancer have never smoked, and
       as many as 28% of all cases of the disease may not be
       related to smoking at all.

       This charity has always sought ways to promote better
       lung health, to prevent people from getting lung cancer,
       and to promote early detection of it.

       This is where our ‘Look After Your Lungs’ project comes
       in; we’re working closely with employers to help them
       protect the lung health of their staff; forward-thinking
       employers such as Seddon Construction Ltd.

       Our deputy chief executive, Mike Grundy, and Melody
       Holt, our community engagement manager, recently
       worked with apprentices at the firm’s headquarters in

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