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        What’s Inside?elcome to Inspire
        What’s                                                                 I never stop being

                                                                               overwhelmed by
                                                                               the people I meet
       Inside?                                                                 here at Roy Castle
                                                                               Lung Cancer
                                                                               especially when
                                                                               you appreciate the circumstances that
                                                                               brought them to us. Nevertheless, here
                  Shan Evans:                                                  they are, sharing their stories with the
                                                                               aim to do one thing – help others.
            4 She Saved Me

                  How one woman’s                                              That help can take on many different
                  awareness saved the life                                     forms, from explaining what lies ahead for
                  of another.                                                  someone recently diagnosed, to offering
                                                                               empathy and understanding to those who
                                                                               have lost a loved one. Above all, our
                                                                               Autumn/Winter 2017 edition of Inspire
                                                                               shows that, whatever your lung cancer
                       8    Immunotherapy:                                     story, there is always hope.
                            Fact or Fiction?
                            The truth behind                                   In this latest edition, you’ll read about a
                            the so-called                                      patient with stage IV lung cancer who is
                            ‘wonder drug’.        12     Prolonging Life       now in remission (page 8). You’ll meet the
                                                                               receptionist whose professionalism saved
                                                         Students teach
                                                         themselves a lesson..  someone’s life (page 4). You’ll find out
                                                                               about how we’re ensuring people get
                                                                               diagnosed and treated more quickly
                                                 18      Improving the         (pages 3 and 16-17).

                                                         Care of Patients
                                                                               Lung cancer isn’t high enough on people’s
    16      The Need                                     Latest updates on     agendas. Survival rates are nowhere near
                                                         our research projects.
                                                                               where we want them to be.
            for Speed
            Quicker diagnosis.                                                 Understanding of the disease is still
            Faster treatment.                                                  severely lacking.
            Better outcomes.                                                   But together, we can change this.
                                                24       Alex Brick:           Together, we are changing this, and
                                                         He’d Be
                                                         Mortified If          everyone can play a part.
                                                         People Were           Thanks to those who share their stories,
                                                         Doing Anything        to those who fundraise for us in the most
                                                         But Living            creative and generous of ways, and thanks
                                                         Lung cancer through   to you, we can continue to expect better.
                                                         the eyes of a partner.

     20      Lisa Mulvey: I Won’t Let Lung      26       Love Stories                               Paula Chadwick

             Cancer Define Him
                                                         Creative ways to help
             Standing up to stigma.                      cure lung cancer.                            Chief Executive
                                                                                          Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation

      This magazine is written by patients and supporters to help those affected by lung cancer.

        2     Inspire 2017
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