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A Will to Help

        A Will to Help

        After being diagnosed with lung cancer, Jean
        Duckworth devoted her time and energy to
        supporting our work, appreciating first hand the
        importance of lung cancer research, and patient
        information and care.

        So much so that she left us a gift in her Will.
        Her friends, Gill and Sue, described why leaving
        a legacy was so important to Jean:

        Jean Duckworth was a woman whose determination
        knew no bounds. When she set her mind to something,
        she did it. Not only did Jean hold an HGV licence, she
        also had a pilot’s licence. In fact, it was while she was
        flying in Portugal that she met her future husband, David.
        They came back to Worsley, Jean’s childhood home, to
        get married before both taking jobs to teach flying at
        Barton Airport.                                                           Jean and husband David celebrating Christmas
                                                                 Jean passed away on 26th March 2008. Even after her
        “I have lung cancer.”                                    death, Jean’s support for the Foundation continued. In

        Jean was very forthcoming about her lung cancer          lieu of flowers at her funeral, she asked for donations to
        diagnosis, telling her close friends immediately, and    be made to us.
        became involved with Roy Castle Lung Cancer
        Foundation soon after. Gill recalls when Jean visited    But her generosity did not stop there. So strong was her
        our head office:                                         desire to support our ongoing work into lung cancer
                                                                 research and the care of patients that, within her Will,
              “    Jean was so grateful to                       she had left the charity a legacy.

           the charity for their moral support
                  and was extremely keen                         This could help us fund an entire research project for a
                                                                 year, provide patient grants to hundreds of people living
                    to fundraise for them.                       with the disease or fund several prevention projects in

             Jean knew a great many people                       schools and colleges.
                 and we were all aware of                        Gill thinks Jean would be happy with that:
          Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation
                 and the help and support                           “    She never stopped talking
                         they gave her.     ”                             about the work they did

        Jean continued to support the charity throughout her              and her passion for what
                                                                             was being achieved.
        illness. She became an advocate for us, featuring in our
        patient literature and this magazine.                          She wanted to be a part of it.         ”

        As she neared her 60th birthday, Jean’s condition        Leaving a gift to Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation
        deteriorated and she became very ill. Knowing her dream   means we can fund vital research into lung cancer and
        was to go to New York, David wrote to the Waldorf        provide emotional, practical and financial support to
        Astoria and explained their situation.                   those living with this awful disease.

        He asked if they could have a room with good views of    We are striving for a world where nobody dies of lung
        the city in case she wasn’t well enough to go out on any   cancer. Jean shared that vision and did what she could to
        day. The hotel upgraded them to one of their top suites   make it happen. What an incredible legacy to leave.
        with all-round views at no extra cost.

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