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Shan Evans


                                                                                     Saved Me

                                                                                  As our Lung Health MOT
                                                                                  Check shows, early detection
                                                                                  is key to improving people’s
                                                                                  chances of beating lung cancer.
                                                                                  We all have a part to play in
                                                                                  achieving that, as Shan Evans
                                                                                  knows better than most.

                                                                                  Shan lost her ex-partner to lung
                                                                                  cancer. Yet, when she developed
                                                                                  a persistent cough, it was only
                                                                                  thanks to her GP practice
                                                                                  receptionist that she saw a
                                                                                  doctor in time to be diagnosed
                                                                                  at an early stage.

                                                                                  Shan had noticed her cough
                                                                                  around three or four weeks
                                                                                  earlier. As she was about to go on
                                                                                  holiday, she called into her
                                                                                  doctor’s surgery, hoping to be
                                                                                  seen before she went away.

                                                                                  This was in early 2016. The
                                                                                  previous Boxing Day, the streets
                                                                                  of her home town, Hebden
                                                                                  Bridge in West Yorkshire, had
                                                                                  been submerged by floods. Like
                                                                                  many of the townsfolk, Shan had
                                                                                  helped with the clean-up
                                                                                  operation after the floods
                                                                                  subsided. In the process, most
                                                                                  had to wade through some badly
                                                                                  polluted water.

                                                                                  In the weeks that followed, the
                                                                                  town’s GP practice was kept
                                                                                  extremely busy dealing with
                                                                                  scores of cases of respiratory
                                                                                  infections. Shan thought her own
                                                                                  cough was just such a ‘bug’ –
                                                                                  but it wasn’t:

                                                                                  “The cough actually seemed to be
                                                                                  getting better, but I thought it would
                                                                                  be a good idea to have it checked out
                                                                                  by a doctor anyway.

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