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I have worked here
        at Roy Castle Lung                       What’s
        Cancer Foundation
        for over 20 years
        and I can honestly                       inside?
        say that never has
        there been so much
        positivity around
        lung cancer.                                  Bill Simpson:

        That sounds like a                      3     The man who got scanned
        strange thing to say about such an awful      “If they fi nd it, you can be fi xed.”
        disease but it really does feel like we are
        on the cusp of a major breakthrough.

        We have seen fi rst-hand the impact lung
        health checks are having on early                         10
        On page 3, you’ll meet Bill, whose life was
        saved through our own lung health check                     Simmonds:
        in Nottingham. And we hope that very                        Food with
        soon these programmes will be rolled                        thought
        out across the UK, something for which                                                            26
        we have been vigorously campaigning, to                     Great British Menu
        ensure more people are given the best                       fi nalist shares his   Nurses Rule, ok!
        chance to beat lung cancer.                                 dad’s favourite dish.
                                                                                          Why your lung cancer nurse

        Whatever your diagnosis, we will be here                                          specialist is one of your most
        through it all. Over the last year, we’ve       18                                vital allies.
        also seen many more treatments become
        available for lung cancer. Targeted
        therapies and immunotherapies are               Take a
        helping people like Jackie (page 20) live      Second
        longer and live well with late-stage lung
        cancer.                                           Look
                                                    How rebiopsying
        Lung cancer still doesn’t get the level of   could open up new
        attention or the proportional amount      treatment options.
        of funding it deserves. But at Roy Castle
        Lung Cancer Foundation, lung cancer
        has our full attention. Everything we do
        is to create a better outlook for those                                           30
        affected. We are the only UK lung cancer   20      New Treatments:
        charity and we are in your corner.                 What does this mean for you?
                                                                                          Dave Stringer
                                                22         Mick Duck:                     Seeing the world... and
                                                                                          Oldham Athletic.
                            Paula Chadwick                 “A car crash saved my life.”
                               Chief Executive
                  Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation

       This magazine is written by patients and supporters to help those affected by lung cancer.

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