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Bill is far from alone in his situation; many           One minute you’ve been given a death sentence, the
        people with early-stage lung cancer don’t feel          next you’re getting a reprieve - and it comes out in
        particularly ill or, if they do experience              two sentences!
        symptoms, they are dismissed as something
        less severe.                                            The whole process, from the initial breath tests to
                                                                having the operation and getting out of hospital, took
        As a result, almost three quarters of people            about six weeks.
        with lung cancer are diagnosed at late-stage.
                                                                You’re operated on and a couple of days later you
        Advances in treatments mean people are                  can go home – you’re fi xed, you’re mended, you feel
        living well with lung cancer for longer but, to         great! The doctor has said it’s given me ten more
        increase the chances of curative treatment,             years of my life.
        we need to ensure more people are diagnosed
        early - like Bill.                                      I can now look forward to spending it with my wife
                                                                and seeing my son and, if he has children, I’ll be able
        But how do you get ahead of a disease which is          to see them, my grandchildren, because I’ve got
        clever and sly, and whose symptoms are either           everything to live for, everything to look forward to.
        vague or non-existent?
                                                                These mobile scanners should be in every major
        You scan people…                                        city. I’ve only seen one in my life - and that’s the one
                                                                that saved me.
        “I had a call from a nurse inviting me to a health
        check and I thought I may as well go.                   That’s the big thing - if they fi nd it, you can be fi xed.
                                                                People just need to be given the same chance as me.”
        At the initial appointment, I was told I needed a CT
        scan and then a PET scan. That was when I was told –    We couldn’t agree more, Bill! That’s why we
        you have lung cancer. However, it’s localised, it’s a very   launched our #LetsRoll campaign, calling for
        small amount and it hasn’t spread.                      the government to roll out a national lung
                                                                health check programme because we know,
                                                                from our Nottingham project and other
                                                                similar programmes, it would save lives. >
       Our Nottingham project

                GP practices                                    1020
                Patient criteria: men and women
                aged 60-75 with a smoking
                history in the last fi ve years.
                                                        eligible patients:  25% attended the initial health check.

     The health check involved a medical and smoking history and pulmonary function test to generate
           a person’s lung cancer risk score. Smoking cessation advice was also provided if required.

                       eligible for             97%                                   6   scanning days
        52% CT scan                                           attended                2   thoracic radiologists

     The results              • 5 cancers detected – 2 early-stage and 3 late-stage.
                              • Further 8% had nodules on their lungs and now receive regular monitoring.
                              • PLUS 16 cases of COPD, 1 tuberculosis, 1 interstitial lung disease,
                                2 bronchiectasis, 1 emphysema, 2 coronary heart calcifi cation and
                                1 asbestos-related pleural thickening.

             Donations from people like you now mean we can fund the next phase of
                                the project to a population of 36,000 people.
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