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Early detection is everything

        Bill is right; everyone deserves the best chance        We have long been campaigning for lung cancer
        to beat lung cancer and the key to achieving            screening and, following the announcement made
        this is early detection.                                by Simon Stevens, chief executive of NHS England
                                                                (NHSE), regarding the roll out of lung health checks,
        Screening for breast, cervical and, most recently,      we launched our #LetsRoll campaign.
        bowel, cancers saves thousands of lives each year.
        This, in large part, explains the sizeable discrepancies   As the only UK lung cancer charity, and given our
        in one, fi ve, and ten-year survival rates between the   experience in delivering a successful project already,
        cancer types.                                           we are now working with NHSE to make these
                                                                checks a reality so more people are diagnosed early
        Latest research proves screening for lung cancer        and have the chance of curative treatment.
        works. The results from the NELSON study reported
        a 26% reduction in lung cancer deaths when high-risk    One person who knows the importance of early
        patients had a CT scan.                                 detection is Farne Sinclair, who, like thousands of
                                                                others, pledged her support to our #LetsRoll
        We are now calling for the National Screening           campaign by signing our online petition.
        Committee to approve the implementation of a
        national lung cancer screening programme, because       Farne sumed it up in a nutshell when she explained
        too many lives have been lost.                          her reasons for signing:

        Now is the time for action. Now is the time to            “A late diagnosis meant I lost my grandmother,
        save lives.                                                     an early diagnosis saved my mum.”

                               Some of the images we used in our #LetsRoll campaign. They show how anyone can benefi t
                                       from early detection - be they grandparents, fathers-of-the-bride or even pet owners.

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