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Eight-year-old Lexie Lou Hay has always tried her best to help
                                      raise money for charities and her dance school. When she found
                                     out about our ‘Action Dash‛ event, she asked her mum, “Can I do
                                         that to raise money for Nanny?” Her nan, Josie, sadly passed
                                             away in 2011 to lung cancer and Lexie‛s bond with her was
                                                               incredibly special. Lexie ran her heart out,
                                lightning                       smashing the ‘Action Dash‛ obstacle course
                          lexie lou hay
                                                                            and raising £130 in the process.

          A special shout out to all our 2018 Cut Films students.
          Once again, we were blown away by the creativity of these
          anti-tobacco fi lms and this year‛s competition was another
          closely-fought affair. YESgroup@Westside youth centre
          from Ealing scooped the overall award with their witty fi lm
          ‘My Relationship with Nicky‛. You can watch it
          on the Cut Films YouTube channel:                     a class of their own!


       Are they birds?

           Are they planes?

                                No! they’re...             Our Heroes!

                                                    In 2016, Conor McWeeney and Francie Smyth cycled
                                          the 400 miles from Glasgow to Cricklewood, London in support
                                            of Conor‛s mum who had been diagnosed with lung cancer. It
                                         seems that challenge wasn‛t quite tough enough for these lads,
                                                 as they‛re off again, this time throwing in an additional
                                                                            70 miles and cycling from Leitrim
                   the Unstoppable
             Conor mcWeeney                    & The fantastic                      in Ireland to Cricklewood.
                                           Francie Smyth

          Debra Montague organised the fi rst ever UK ALK+
          meeting in London earlier this year, offering support
          and advice for people with this form of lung cancer.
          Debra, who is herself ALK+, has also taken on
          several fundraising challenges since her diagnosis
          including fl ying through the air at over 100mph on the              DareDevil
          world‛s fastest zipwire and abseiling 330ft down the
                                                               Debra Montague
          Liverpool Anglican Cathedral.
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