Page 16 - Inspire Magazine 2019
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There are many reasons why people
                                                                          take on fundraising challenges for us.

                                                                          Stephanie France has two, and she
                                                                          used both as her motivation when
                                                                          tackling the most famous run of all -
                                                                          the London Marathon.

                                                                          “My mum, Rosemary, was an incredible
                                                                          woman. A former nurse and midwife, she
                                                                          gave up her career to raise her four
                                                                          children and support my dad, who was
                                                                          working as a GP.  As we grew up, she
                                                                          started volunteering. She wanted to
                                                                          ensure she was still giving back to her

                                                                          She started volunteering in Roy Castle
                                                                          Lung Cancer Foundation’s Frodsham shop
                                                                          in May 2003 with her good friend, Mary.

                                                                          We had no family history of lung cancer.
                                                                          Mum volunteered there because it was
                                                                          close to home but also because of the
                                                                          manager, Yvonne. They shared the same
                                                                          work ethic!

                                                                          Mum loved meeting new people and had
                                                                          a good laugh in the shop. She also loved
                                                                          a good bargain. I’m pretty sure the shop
                                                                          made more money when she was in
                                                                          because she would always buy something!

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