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and recommended monitoring them for any signs of
       There is no question, if implemented properly,
       targeted lung health checks will improve early           That was quite a frightening time, knowing there was
       detection rates and, in turn, have a major impact on     ‘something’ there but after having two clear follow
       long term survival.                                      up scans, I kind of thought I was out of the woods.

       This is something Linda Salter knows all too well        But I wasn’t. Nine months after the original health
       – an early diagnosis saved her life, but her husband,    check, the scan showed the nodules had grown.
       David, was not so fortunate.                             Despite this, I still had no symptoms and felt
                                                                absolutely fine, so, if it hadn’t have been for that
       “I was invited to Roy Castle Lung Cancer                 health check, things could have been very different.
       Foundation’s lung health check back in 2017. I had
       no reservations about going. I always go to smear        I know how devastating lung cancer can be; my
       tests and mammograms. It’s so important.                 husband David died within six months of being
                                                                diagnosed. But because of Roy Castle Lung Cancer
       At the appointment, I was diagnosed with chronic         Foundation and all its supporters, my story is very
       obstructive pulmonary disorder (COPD) and                different.
       referred for a CT scan at the mobile.
                                                                I can’t express how grateful I am. If I hadn’t gone for
       The scan discovered two small nodules inside my          that test, I don’t know how far the cancer would
       right lung. I was referred to a specialist that same     have spread before I would have found out. It saved
       week. They believed the nodules weren’t cancerous        my life.”

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