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Early detection has been at our core since the charity
           first launched. In 1993, we awarded the first grant of its
           kind to Professor John Field to study genetic changes in
           lung cancer, thus laying the groundwork for screening
           of high-risk individuals.

           This work also formed the basis for the Liverpool Lung
           Project (LLP), a project we funded from 1996 which
           used epidemiological techniques to develop a risk
           model which could help identify individuals at high risk
           of developing lung cancer. The result of this work was
           used by Prof. Field as he led the UK pilot study into the
           use of CT screening for identifying lung cancer.

           The work of the LLP continued, and we funded the
           first UK mobile lab to recruit high risk people into the
           project. It almost feels like we’ve come full circle; that
           first mobile unit would not have been a million miles
           away from the mobile units that are going to be used in
           the roll out.

           There is no doubt that this work – recognised as both
           ground breaking and unique – has played a substantial
           role in this sizeable investment.

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