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Conducted by a lung specialist nurse, a lung health check involves a breathing test
           (spirometry) as well as a discussion around lung cancer symptoms and, if required,
           smoking cessation advice.

           The results will then be used to calculate an individual’s lung cancer risk. Anyone
           considered high risk will be invited to have a low-dose CT scan in a mobile CT
           scanner, eliminating the need to travel to hospital.

           The current lung health checks are in Blackburn with Darwen, Blackpool, Corby,
           Doncaster, Halton, Hull, Knowsley, Luton, Mansfield & Ashfield, Newcastle Gateshead,
           North Kirklees, Southampton, Tameside & Glossop and Thurrock.

           People in these selected areas who are aged 55 to 74 with a smoking history (current
           smoker or ex-smoker) will be invited to attend a lung health check by their GP.
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           There are also other independently-funded programmes in other parts of England
           including Nottingham, Leeds, Manchester, Liverpool and London.                                     19
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