Page 18 - Inspire Magazine 2019
P. 18

After the announcement by NHS England
         confirming a multimillion pound investment
         to roll out 14 targeted lung health checks,
         we take a closer look at what this could mean
         for the early detection of lung cancer.

         It was back in November 2017 when the chief
         executive of NHS England first spoke out about
         plans to ‘scale up’ the lung health checks across the
         country. It came after the results of several pilot
         schemes, including our own project in Nottingham,
         showed that scanning for lung cancer does work.

         Fast forward 14 months, and following the added
         pressure of our LetsRoll   campaign, the health
         checks are up and running in 14 locations across
         England. It is not the full implementation we wanted
         but the focus is now on making each of these pilots
         a success to provide further evidence to secure a
         UK-wide lung cancer screening programme.


                                                                  You might recognise Bill here from the last edition of Inspire.

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