Page 22 - Inspire Magazine 2019
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We think ten-year-old Jonas is extraordinary. When he learnt that his
                                  godmother, Jo Wyles, has lung cancer, he wanted to show how much
                                  he cares. So, he took up the challenge of running a total of 400 miles
                                  to raise funds for us.

                                  He proudly wears his Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation vest as he
                                  adds to his ‘running total’ knowing that every step takes him closer
                                  to his target.

       Some people make others feel better about themselves; and Amy
       could certainly do that.

       Lung cancer didn’t stop her from being a strong, effective advocate
       and raising funds for us. Sadly, she died last year but she remains in our
       hearts. She left a very generous donation which her parents David and
       Sue passed on to us in her memory.

       A staunch supporter of the charity since its earliest days, Mildred met
       our founder Ray Donnelly when he operated on her husband, Barry.

       Sadly, Barry later died, but Mildred joined the Lung Cancer Fund on
       the Isle of Man and later served as President.  For more than 20 years,
       she organised scores of elegant fundraising events, dinners and
       parties, and continues to support us to this day.

                                     Always among the very fi rst to offer help at any of our events,
                                     Daniel also gives his time freely at our shop in St Johns Shopping
                                     Centre in Liverpool. He’s even persuaded several of his fellow
                                     students at Liverpool City College to volunteer too.

                                     Above all, Daniel’s sheer love for the charity and his cheerfulness
                                     absolutely shine out and make him such an inspiration.
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